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Save up to 75% versus replacement!

Did you know that todays skylights can't easily be swapped for your old one? They won't fit. Not only do you need to buy a new skylight but roofing, flashing, and resizing the opening either larger or smaller to accommodate the new skylight will also have to be done. 

Window Medics Plus has been serving the South Shore since 2004. We've repaired thousands of foggy skylights, windows and doors and saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars! Let us help save you money AND truly repair your foggy skylights, foggy windows, foggy doors.

We are here to SAVE you MONEY!

Why replace the entire skylight, window or door when we can replace what's failed, the Insulated Glass Unit. We update to todays technology and replace the failed weather stripping and/or caulking as well. We have all manufactures EXACT glass dimensions for all skylight manufacturers. Originally trained by Velux and Roto, we can fix your Foggy Skylights, windows and doors! Window Medics Plus specializes in Foggy Window repair and Foggy Skylight repair. Window Glass replacement 

10yr transferable warranty against seal failure.

Why spend thou$andS when we can save you on average 75% versus replacement. 

Send us an email with your contact info and some digital pics both inside and outside (please don't get on the roof! instead stand back from your house and take some pics so we can see where the skylight(s) are located on your house). If you can measure the visible glass on the INTERIOR of your skylight we can cross reference this info and give you an exact price. 

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